Benefits for you in utilising an innovative and effective marketing strategy for your auction campaign:
1.     Remove the price: “A buyer’s first objection is usually price related”
  • Encourages buyers to focus on the qualities of the property – not the price
  • Competition at the auction establishes the price – helping you achieve whatever premium is obtainable. Your property may be worth more that you thought
2.     Promote the property: “You can’t sell a secret”
  • Focused, flexible marketing packages target qualified prospects, giving your property maximum exposure
  • Our marketing approach means your property is promoted to a wider audience, both nationally and internationally in a very cost effective way
  • Prominent exposure on the Internet helps promote your property internationally
3.     Set a time frame: “Compels all buyers to compete at the same time”
  • Concentrates buyer interest and prompts action
  • Vendors can plan ahead, as they know exactly when the property will sell
  • Reduces the vendor’s carrying costs, rates and interest
4.     Create competition: “A competitive auction environment will maximise the true market value of your property”
  • Competitive bidding drives the price upwards, and reduces the risk of underselling
5.     Achieve results: “Auction means action”
  • Client testimonials support our track record and reputation
6.     Enjoy dedicated support
  • Bayleys plan and execute auctions creating transparency and professionalism
  • Our professional auctioneers are dedicated to maximising the sale value of your property
  • We have dedicated in-house auction rooms and facilities, alternatively auctions may be conducted on site by request
  • Auction sales are cash unconditional, making the sale decisive and final
  • Terms and conditions are tailored to suit our vendors requirements
  • Vendors are kept fully informed via weekly written progress reports